Under The Covers
Under The Covers




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October 15, 1997


Monster Pudding


Gingerbread Cookies


Betty Quan

Under the Covers is the third story in the 34th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Sleep tight, says Mother Bear. Don't let the bedbugs bite. Bedbugs? How can Little Bear sleep with bugs in his bed? And how can his parents sleep with Little Bear bugging them?


The episode starts out with the main title "Under the Covers" being shown, with a window, and open curtains behind the title. The title vanishes, and we see a mirror, before showing Little Bear's bedroom.

Little Bear is in bed with Mother Bear next to him, tucking him in. Mother Bear then carefully blows out the candle on the table next to Little Bear's bed, and tells Little Bear: "Goodnight. Don't let the bed bugs bite." This of course makes Little Bear concerned and he lifts his covers before he jokingly starts looking for "bed bugs." Mother Bear reassures Little Bear that it is just a saying, pulls the covers off of him, and leaves the room.

Little Bear turns over on his side before closing his eyes. Little Bear then opens up his eyes again and before saying "Bed bugs". Little Bear - who is now playfully convinced that bed bugs could be hiding in his bed - sits up in bed, growls, and lifts his bed covers.

He goes to Mother and Father Bear's room and wakes them up by crawling into their bed and checking to see if Father Bear swallowed a bed bug. Little Bear, Mother Bear, and Father Bear have a tickle fight, and Father Bear and Little Bear have a pillow fight on the floor.

Soon, the Bear family gets drowsy, and Little Bear and his parents go back to sleep in their beds.

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Little Bear Where Lucy Went Monster Pudding Under The Covers - Ep. 34