Little Bear:Come on Slopou, We going to be late! Woh!

Father Bear:(Eat bread and talk), What the hill do we going to still be there Little Bear?

Little Bear:But I want going to there too!

Mother Bear:Are you sure you pack everything

Father Bear:Uh-huh

Mother Bear:Hanthief

Father Bear:Check!

Mother Bear:Basechic

Father Bear:Check!

Mother Bear:Marsment

Father Bear:Check!

Mother Bear:Rain pot

Father Bear:Check!

Mother Bear:Little Bear's Hat

Father Bear:Check!

Mother Bear:Two Bedropes

Father Bear:Check again! Can you close the bag for me?Oh and make a pack fishing in there!

Mother Bear:Check!

Little Bear:Father Bear!?

Father Bear:Coming!

Mother Bear:Bye, dear!

Father Bear:Oops! (kiss). All right, Let's be on right away!Little Bear?

Little Bear:I was forgot!

Little Bear:Pudding Hill!

Little Bear & Father Bear:Here we come!

Father Bear:Bye!

Mother Bear:Bye! Have a good time!

Father Bear:We will!

Mother Bear:And be careful

Father Bear:We will (whistling) Last one going to pudding hill is runaway

Little Bear:Hey! Wait for me

Father Bear:Ok! Little Bear! Slow down and you get tired!

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