Simon Says
Simon Says




2b (92 overall)


September 21, 1997


Mitzi's Little Monster



"Simon Says" is the second story in the 31st episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


The gang play an exciting game of “Simon Says”. When Duck finally gets the hang of it she really enjoys being the leader, maybe a little too much.

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Little Bear Mitzi’s Little Monster Simon Says Applesauce - Ep

Little Bear Mitzi’s Little Monster Simon Says Applesauce - Ep. 31



  • Hen doesn't appear in this segment.
  • Owl and Cat never got their turns at Simon Says.


  • Duck tried to tell everyone what game to play but everyone was too busy talking they couldn't hear her and instead Little Bear suggested the game first and picked Simon Says as Emily agreed with him saying it's a great game and Duck asks her if she thinks it's a great game to play, Mitzi said it was Duck's idea for choosing the game, she said "Great idea Duck" but Duck didn't pick anything and never had any idea even though she was going to at the beginning, Little Bear chose the game, not Duck, so Mitzi should've meant to say that it was Little Bear's idea since he's picked the game first by instead saying "Great idea Little Bear".
  • When it was Duck’s turn, Duck said: “Simon Says”, and then she was blabbering in a “thinking” way, and as soon as she told her friends what to do... she said to them that they all lost ‘cause she didn’t say: “Simon Says”. But she actually did.