Out of Honey
Out Of Honey




4a (97 overall)


October 7, 1997


The Campfire Tale


Message in a Bottle

Written by

Y York

"Out of Honey" is the first story in the 33rd episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Little Bear and Mother Bear are making honey-baked apples, but they are out of honey. So Little Bear insists on going to see if Grandmother Bear has some honey. On his way, he sees Mitzi spying on him. Mitzi says that she has never tasted honey, so Little Bear gives her a small taste from his nearly-empty jar. Deciding that she loves honey, Mitzi accompanies Little Bear to Grandmother's house, and she's curious about where honey comes from. Little Bear says that bees make honey in their hive, and Mitzi wants to go to the hive and winds up disturbing the bees. As Little Bear takes her away from the hive, the bees come out and chase after the duo, stinging them until they jump in the lake. At Grandmother Bear's house, Grandfather Bear shows them the correct way to collect honey.

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Little Bear Out Of Honey Message In A Bottle Little Bear’s Sweet Tooth - Ep24:09

Little Bear Out Of Honey Message In A Bottle Little Bear’s Sweet Tooth - Ep. 33


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