Hen is one of Little Bear's friends. He is one of the two tetartagonists of Little Bear, one of the four deuteragonists of Little Bear and a supporting character in The Little Bear Movie. She is voiced by Elizabeth Hanna


Hen is a lively and energetic but somewhat of a feisty and fussy chicken as well. She is sophisticated and mature, and likes things to be organized, although her several nieces and nephews often create chaos in her spotless house. Even though Hen is very refined, at times she joins in on the fun and adventures with the rest of the crew.



Hen's home.

Her home is a large chicken coop that she keeps clean at all times.



Owl kissing Hen.

Hen has been shown to have been fond of Owl. In the episode "The Kiss" Mr. Skunk, Duck, and Cat are playing "kissing tag" so Cat kisses Owl on the side of his face making him "it" when Hen walks by Owl he kisses Hen on the side of her face and Hen says, "'I didn't know you cared'", whereupon Owl says, "'I don't! I mean...I do!'" leaving us to wonder if there are feelings between them.

Nickelodeon Nick Jr. Little Bear Character Hen


Nickelodeon Nick Jr. Little Bear Hen


  • Hen greatly enjoys singing opera, but is not a very good singer
  • Hen is a leader to Little Bear and friends
  • Hen likes No Feet, but she doesn’t like it when No Feet is on her properties.
Little Bear Nick Jr Hen Character