Duck is a domesticated female duck and is one of Little Bear's friends. He is the deuteragonist of Little Bear, one of the four deuteragonists of Little Bear and a supporting character in The Little Bear Movie.


Slow and smart at the same time, Duck is one who gets herself into comical situations.


She lives in a nest, although in one episode, she expressed longing for a house and tried to live in a house boat. It floated downriver filled with frogs and Duck lived happily in her nest.


Duck has yellow feathers, an orange beak, and a long neck, making her somewhat similar to a goose.
Little Bear Nick Jr Duck Character



  • Duck was hatched in a nest of chicks, because "some eggs got mixed up", so Little Bear taught her to fly when she was a duckling
  • Duck never had ducklings of her own, but she has been seen babysitting them, the youngest named Little Peep
  • Duck loves playing "princess" and pretend.
  • Duck is voiced by Tracy Ryan
  • Duck has only cried in two episodes: "Lucy's Okay" and "Caterpillars"
  • Duck loves Mother Bear's chocolate cake.