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Camp Out
The Camp Out




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September 24, 1996


Little Bear Meets No Feet


Emily's Balloon

Camp Out is the second story in the 16th episode of the animated children's series Little Bear.


Inspired by the tent made by a sheet drying on a clothesline, Little Bear cajoles Grandfather Bear into joining him for his first camp-out; in the backyard.little bear and grandfather pack up for his first and listens to his grandfathers phase and tries cope it and have but little bear was too scared to go to sleep and his grandfather told that he reminded him of another little bear who on her first camp out and when she was scared and he told her a song and the same he told to little bear had also help fall asleep.the next morning saw both father bear and mother bear.

Watch Episode

Little Bear Little Bear Meets No Feet The Camp Out Emily's Balloon - Ep24:09

Little Bear Little Bear Meets No Feet The Camp Out Emily's Balloon - Ep. 16


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